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  • Can I bring in my own food?
    Yes, you are welcome to bring in your own snacks as long as they do not contain any nut products.
  • Do adults have to wear socks too?
    Yes. Everybody MUST be wearing socks past the entrance point to the playground.
  • Can I bring my stroller in?
    During the summer months, you are allowed to bring your stroller in but not on the carpeted area.
  • Is my deposit refundable?
    Deposits for birthday parties are non-refundable. However, you can reschedule your party for a later date. Those who choose to cancel will receive a gift card to the playground (provided that they cancel in advance). For further questions, please contact us at 905-738-6386.
  • How big is the party size pizza that comes with the birthday packages?
    The party size pizza comes with 24 square slices.
  • Does the number of guests in the party package include adults?
    Yes. The number of guests in the party packages includes both children and adults.

Frequently asked questions

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